next part of hyenas in petticoats launches 19 november, 7pm includes film premiere.

stream of performance continues to be available at

f/rock up & celebrate mad, bad, rad, internationalist, mutha, pamphleteer, feminist & mary wollstonecraft.  this 'hyena in petticoats' even solved social distancing in the 18th century.

petticoats for all! 


on hyenas in petticoats


because mary wollstonecraft wz bad, rad, bi, mutha, internationalist, feminist before the word, a writer & mad - she, disabilities included - wz erased as 'hyena in petticoats'. heres part ov our ongoing channelling ov mary wollstonecraft in celebration ov messiness & beauty, ov the poetries ov defiance that mary stood for, a body ov work across artforms offering creative resistance, creating living memorials, writing us back in -

these daze were all hyenas in petticoats

many thanks to Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival for commissioning e-zine (with art activities / templates & suggestions on staging yr own demonstration), new broadside ov writing, visual-art installation &  soundscape from demo to peace - all used in this brand-new film ov a demo in hyena-mask & drawn-on-petticoats from autumn 20 c.e. lockdown shielding in our council flat.   love&rage, gobscure

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