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art out of our homelessnesses - gobscure, live theatre newcastle artistic associate


ahi awards 23

artist finalist 

project of the year shortlist

  • three solo theatre shows                                             

  • album

  • publication

  • workshops / talks / other events

  • films

  • art-installation


available individually or together


dizzying and hypnotic, cutting edge, spellbinding'.   Museum of Homelessness


this work is backed by: Museum of Homelessness associateship; Third Angel

Mentoring Scheme; Disability Arts Online associateship; MGC futures bursary;

Graeae Beyond bursary; Slung Low Leeds seed fund; CPT seed commission;

Level Centre funded residency; Sound&Music awards; Newcastle fringe festival; Future’s Venture Foundation Radical Independent Art Fund;

Live Theatre Artistic Associate


gobscure @ / @collectortears /

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