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'a voice rarely heard, if ever, in theatre. it is complex & at times dazzling.'

cardboard citizens.


solo theatre shows


heartfelt: 3rd part of trilogy alongside provoked & rose carved in rain.  our heart-attacks are labelled 'side-effects' of enforced psychiatric medication; gallows humours is proven to aid survival. heartfelt weaves together heartlessness with hearts doctor who (two hearts) & octopi (three hearts, produces their own ink & yu cant burn all their libraries - evolution!). humans label octopi violent for throwing seashells underwater (interpretive dance!) & medicate confined creatures for their 'zoochosis' using the drugs given us for 'psychosis' that gave us our heart-attacks. learn of how animals worldwide are fighting back; play competitive empathy; taste edible lovepoetry and witness psychiatry reduced to firewood. have a heart & support this wildly inventive disability-led show.  Alex Kelly of Third Angel is again creative collaborator / outside eye director.  mentoring Slung Low Leeds.  project backed by MGC futures bursary, Graeae Beyond bursary, Level Centre funded residency & additional support from Graeae beyond partners including Northern Stage.



a taste of heartfelt  / tour pack


provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth.

’dizzying and hypnotic, cutting edge social commentary, part creative resistance and part performance. ... spellbinding'   Museum of Homelessness

'intelligent, unsettling & entertaining in equal measure.' DAO review

national tour supported by BOOST: the Third Angel Mentoring Scheme in association with Sheffield Theatres; CPT seed commission; funded by Arts Council England






rose carved in rain.  premiered newcastle fringe festival.

2nd part of trilogy alongside provoked & heartfelt.

rose carved in rain draws on childhood wisdoms and

big-kid dissent in a highly visual performance.  

we all need our dreams back.  seedpot commission

from alphabetti theatre, supported by Curious Arts

(queer arts north bursary), the NewBridge Project

& sound&music awards.



'There’s a childlike simplicity in the way he tells his story. He uses visual aids: simple drawings he does himself, slogans, a space hopper—and he gives the audience “Dissent” badges ... this is a poetic weaving of numerous, often very different strands which together tell us much, not just about gobscure but about ourselves. And, indeed, about the world we live in.'

full length plays:


mazer. ''little old lady' blows the system up, again.' in honour of our best friend and mazer Marty, one of the most amazing folx we've known. her story combines with voluspa - a thousand year old norse legend telling of climate crisis and a wise-woman leading all in regreening the earth. building on our Northern Broadsides digital commission.

r&d supported by Greyscale theatre, dramaturgy from Selma Dimitrijevic, with actors Maria Thomas & Eileen Nicholas, directed by James Blakey (Upstart theatre, Cast in Doncaster)


trees don't grow on money.  three feisty lasses share an ancient den.  they discover a surveillance platform is to be built here, and are forced to fight back. can they save this wild and their previous den?  play for under twelves under development as Spark Arts for Children supported artist.


blood-oil. commissioned and first performed by Mandala Theatre Company at ARTIVISM - International Digital and Live Festival with Ashtar Theatre, Ramallah, Palestine. blood oil is a story of the insanities of war: those who survive and those who don’t. Surrounded by warring factions, a mother and daughter and a peacekeeping force are trapped. As the war tightens its grip, the soldiers slip into madness and fail to protect those who they are there to help. Gaia herself is crying out at the war that is being inflicted on the heart of the earth.


joey.  Wolsey Theatre Testing Ground commission

in association with Greyscale.

north-east experiment of the year, british theatre guide.

1981 : hard right government, savage cuts,

royal weddings, terrorist attacks & labour party imploding

but louder guitars. then we rewrite the future.

previous plays include collector of tears, 'best north-east new play', british theatre guide and cutter (half moon theatre, time outs play of the year for young people). were also a capital play awards winner; part of Graeae's beyond talent development; former writer-on-attachment to royal court theatre.


also cabaret, site-specific performances, promenade, street, walkabout, more ...

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