joey - a 2019 Wolsey Theatre

Testing Ground commission 

in association with Greyscale 

'they gave lou reed e.c.t.

cos he was bi,

don't let 'em give yu!'

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1981 & a hard right government make savage cuts ... then playground chants ov spaz change to joey and we get taught by our friends how futures can be rewritten.  a high octane monologue about multiple possibilities for survival, its not too late

you’ve looked into someone else’s heart and mind and felt what they have felt. powerful, moving, insightful.  british theatre guide

joey is a visceral sucker punch of a love story, diving to heart-breaking depths and then soaring to divine levels of triumphant joy.

dao (disability arts online)

in development


aim for the horizon. with the six twenty.

initial performance april 2020 at alphabetti theatre newcastle


phoenix tree.  for under twelves. for 2021 and beyond

with spark arts leicester and oval house london


previous plays : collector of tears. unable to age until she has cried, sunderland-born bisexual tanya sealt instead collects tears across four hundred years of radical history from shakespeare to mary wollstonecraft and and finally cries - tears of joy - the day thatcher resigns. 'best north-east new play of 2014', british theatre guide.


cutter (half moon theatre, time outs play of the year for young people), voices (pegasus youth theatre), taking the blood of butterflies (oval house theatre) sweet (ctc), & next swan down the river might be black (gobscure). part of graeae theatres write to play including placement at the royal court theatre. greyscale theatre associate artist, 2016 - 2019

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