some sounds


receiving a francis chagrin award from sound and music and a sage gateshead summer studios residency 2019 allowed us to start ships-ov-fool – an ambitious international work about finding peace among the worlds-screamings.  at core we travelled to see hieronymous bosch’s art (fell in love with it after our first breakdown as teen - someone else sees how we see!) and found a fragile peace despite personal and political turmoil.  a long voyage lies ahead but the start can be heard at


stillness at last sage residency  

photo by liz rose ridley


an album of sonic protest & a birds singing can still delay laws was part of 'the art of protest' bethlem gallery, autumn 2019.


our album ink any body (bi / queer sound compositions) is an essential part of next januarys gateshead exhibition


i love your music, it totally organic and sounds like the air.

jo thomas, composer

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