rose carved in rain.  opening january 17 2020. 

newbridge project : gateshead.

homage to film-maker, writer and artist sergei parajanov.  visual poetry, sound, installation celebrating his defiant wonder.   came across the art of this fat-mad-bisexual dissident while barely surviving in a homeless hostel after worst sectioning of our life & recognised we shared so much.   we all need our dreams back.  gobscure

recent solo exhibitions :

is that a bruise or a tattoo?  alma zevi venice, 2018

still alone in our voices.   12 large panels outta living with psychosis are covered in unreadable writings but have new poetry erased out of them.  continually being rubbed out, we keep having to write ourselves back in.  tyneside, teesside, bristol, belfast, venice so far and

still available for touring across multiple formats.  pdf of info

nudging meteors.  arthouse wakefield, 2017

telling a wider story for peoples of this city and beyond.  

pdf of magazine produced for exhibition

stitching petals to lead.  fokidos athens, 2017

in association with alma zevi venice

one needs time to engage and to listen to the work. It might even help us to listen to ourselves. ... a great, and singular artist, with no other justifications or conditions needed. Alma Zevi Venice

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