writing liberté with lips.  2021 c.e.   prints, performance, participation.  

Edinburgh Printmakers / Edinburgh International Art Festival. 

supported by Future’s Venture Foundation Radical Independent Art Fund.






rose carved in rain.    2019 c.e.  

the NewBridge Project Gateshead.

solo exhibition / performance / participation.


came across fat-mad-bisexual dissident sergei parajanovs

art while barely surviving in a homeless hostel after worst

sectioning of our life & recognised we shared so much.   

we all need our dreams back.  gobscure


is that a bruise or a tattoo?  solo exhibition, Alma Zevi Venice, 2018 c.e.

​stitching petals to lead.  solo exhibition, Fokidos Athens, 2017 c.e.

nudging meteors.  2017 c.e. arthouse / mental health museum wakefield.

residency / solo exhibition / publication.                     (magazine pdf here) 

still alone in her voices.  2016 c.e. - ...  internationally touring exhibition spiralling

out of our 'psychosis'.  last seen at university of atypical belfast.  12 large panels

covered in unreadable writings with new poetry erased out of them; always 

having to write ourselves back in.                             (pdf on exhibition here)    

​hyena in petticoats. 2015 c.e. - ... 

mad bad rad bi mutha feminist internationalist writer & 'hyena in petticoats' mary wollstonecraft in film, visuals, words, sounds ... commissioned by together 2020 for disabled history month.  more work commissioned by dash; axisweb / mmu

an amazingly light touch with very serious and important topics, giving your audience space to experience your work and concerns in such an intimate way. I find your work relevant, poetic and so original. ... we are dealing with the antithesis of all that is mass-produced, commercial; one needs time to engage and to listen to the work. It might even help us to listen to ourselves. ... a great, and singular artist    Alma Zevi Venice

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