solo performances

provoked to madness 

by the brutality of wealth


one hostel 'support worker'

told us 'what dya need books for

yr homeless?' our revenge was

13 years of reading, graduating 

from the open university, 2016


’dizzying and hypnotic, cutting edge social commentary, part creative resistance and part performance. from austerity politics to the callous indifference of so-called systems of care, gobscures lived experience powerfully shows how personal and political play out. spellbinding’’ Museum of Homelessness

venue pack for download (pdf) touring 2020

development of this work is supported as part of

BOOST : the Third Angel Mentoring Scheme 2019 

in association with Sheffield Theatres.

word-scatter: inspired by yannis ritsos, a poet who refused to stop writing despite multiple oppressions, this gentle performance offers fragile love, gifting each audience member their own line of poetry.  athens premiere


squarepegs in roundholes. cabaret reducing psychiatry to firewood in under ten minutes before handing out the resist ants.

edinburgh version at







hyenas in petticoats - walkabout performance celebrating mad, bad, rad, bi, internationalist, mutha, writer and feminist mary wollstonecraft. you are all invited to write / draw on her petticoats as we sing. small part of a multifaceted installation including visual poetry / film / installation + living library

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