poetry & prose (words by burn)

waters of life celebrates the afon wysyg / river usk in words, sound, banners and welsh poppies.    supported by society of authors award and disability arts online associateship.

one of this country's foremost experimental writers. what marks him out from all other such writers is the radical political and social agenda he brings.  jeremy hilton – poet / editor.

is that a bruise or a tattoo?  3rd full-length poetry collection


dante in the laundrette.  2nd full length poetry collection


molotovs happy hour.  novella.  psychiatry cant cope with

winged humans, love is found in skips and property developers

are vanquished by actual black panthers.  

'the real sense of conflict you can get just walking around

a place - and to turn all these hostilities into actual, violent

revolutionary war is perfect. ... a really involving, moving,

operatic experience. works like a charm.

todd mcewen, novelist / editor



pamphlets from knives, forks and spoons press include


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